Terrier STAR: Danny Pomerleau Web Director | December 1, 2016

Danny Pomerleau is known by all of those on campus – whether staff, faculty or student – as a hard worker who is easy to get along with.

“Most of the time he is busy working behind the scenes and does so humbly, not seeking recognition or the limelight,” says one colleague. “He is one of the hardest working staff members on campus…and able to ‘role with’ the many changes and demands that arise on a daily basis. He has a quiet strength, gets things done, has a wonderful sense of humor and has the ability to work with many personalities.”

This is why Danny was nominated as this month’s Terrier STAR Award recipient for his exceptional customer service, compassion, dedication, Thomas Pride, and loyalty.

“Danny truly cares about making the campus a great place for our students, faculty, and staff to learn and live. He takes pride in his work and the work of others both in physical plant and throughout the institution,” says another Thomas employee.

Danny, a maintenance employee, has worked at Thomas College for 17 years.

“He is someone I’d want to be around even if I didn’t work with him. He’s a good man. He’s a hard worker, reliable, and consistent. He’s also devoted to his family. Thomas is lucky to have him,” said a coworker.

“Dan is a model employee,” said another colleague. “He’s always willing to drop what he is doing to help someone else out. And he’s always willing to stay late when a project needs to be done so he can help keep this campus going.”