Terrier STAR: David Sugden Web Director | November 1, 2019

David Sugden is the epitome of excellent customer service with his efficient responses to technology issues from all over campus and his patient, conscientious nature.

A seven-year employee of the College, David is an IT Support Technician II. He’s being honored with the Terrier STAR award for his exceptional customer service, being a team player, providing a personal experience, completion of a project, and improving system/processes.  

“I always have confidence that he can fix a problem,” said a faculty member. “He does not expect recognition, rather, his goal is to improve the technology systems at Thomas and deliver a first-rate experience for everyone.”

David is not only efficient with completing his daily tasks – he’s often stepped in to take on workloads of others during turn-over of staff.

Another faculty member said: “he is always available and makes our lives a lot easier. You can always count on him.”

For example, when a professor was having a computer issue during a class when they were teaching they reached out to David with great results: “David wasted no time getting to the classroom and resolving the issue so that it had a minimal impact on my teaching.”

“David exceeds the definition of customer service and always provides a personal experience,” they said. “I cannot think of a more deserving person for an Employee Recognition Award.”