Terrier STAR: Jason LaVerdiere Web Director | September 30, 2016

Jason LaVerdiere first began his work at Thomas College on a part-time basis in 2008. By 2011, Jason was named Chief of Public Safety and was already well-known for his positivity, commitment to Thomas and to helping others without asking for recognition.

“Every time I have called on Jason he drops everything to assist me,” says one colleague. “He’ll do whatever it takes to provide the needed support: rearrange schedules, stay late or come in early without hesitation or complaint. Jason is highly professional and a wonderful role model for our students.”

Another colleague agrees and invites Jason into his public speaking classes “as a role model of positive, super-friendly, super-solutions-orientated colleague,” they said. “Every time I contact him, I go away feeling charged up, loved, and valued.”

A co-worker says Jason does all of this without asking for special attention.

“He is behind the scenes, not asking for recognition, getting things done, solving problems, lending a hand to those in need, being proud to be part of Thomas College and its mission,” they said.

Jason was also described as “a true professional, very well spoken and approachable, while carrying an air of authority.”

“He promotes a ‘can-do’ attitude, often thinking outside the box to approach any given set of circumstances. He is fiercely loyal to Thomas, offers excellent support and customer service, while having compassion for the entire Thomas community, thus setting a great example for his team and our community,” they said.