Terrier STAR: Jeff Ferguson Web Director | November 1, 2016

This month, Jeff Ferguson will celebrate his fourth year at Thomas College; and he has a lot to be proud of.

Jeff, who began his time at Thomas in the IT department, is now the Academic Support and Service Desk Manager in Library Services. He works through requests, projects and managing staff with a big smile and generous attitude. That’s why his colleagues have nominated him for the Terrier STAR award for his exceptional customer service, positivity and dedication to Thomas College.

“Jeff responds to all requests timely and with a smile on his face,” said one colleague. “When he shows up to our office to provide support or when I see him in the hall he is always very engaging. He even assists our office with IT type questions when we have called on him (help desk) in error. He shows up and walks us through the issue without hesitation or complaint.”

Jeff, as co-workers say, is someone you want to have on your team and that you genuinely want to work with.

“Jeff is a great listener, takes your concern seriously, and communicates effectively,” said a co-worker. “His cheerful demeanor, positive outlook, and can-do attitude are so nice to encounter when experiencing a challenge — or if you’re just bumping into him in passing on campus. Jeff clearly understands his role in helping everyone at Thomas do their jobs effectively and efficiently.”