Terrier STAR: Joe Scozzafava Web Director | March 1, 2017

Joe Scozzafava is known by many on campus as the guy who “blows stuff up” and does cool science projects.

He’s also known for being very involved on campus with many clubs and projects – and for his positive and inclusive attitude.

Often referred to as “Scozz”, he is a unique and committed member of the Thomas College community. Joe is being recognized for his exceptional customer service, originality, compassion, dedication, “helping hand”, Thomas pride, positivity, and loyalty.

Joe is an Associate Professor of Science at Thomas.

“He loves to teach, and his students love to learn,” said a colleague. “His teaching spans academic disciplines from science to philosophy, showing how each inform the other. Whether in the Science Lab or with the Music Club, one finds in Dr. Scozzafava excitement, enthusiasm, and a passion for Thomas and Thomas students.”

A Thomas College employee for 11 and a half years, Joe is known for doing more than just teaching at Thomas.

“Joe goes beyond the call of duty with the Music Club, Student Affairs committee, and the Thomas Cup,” said one colleague.

Before coming to Thomas, Joe was a medical examiner for a number of years, and he brings that experience and knowledge into classroom activities – such as crime scene reconstructions.

“Joe is an outstanding classroom instructor, who exemplifies student dedication,” said another coworker. “His easy-going and gregarious nature helps foster a welcoming, caring community spirit here at Thomas. Joe deserves this recognition based on his collegiality, positive work ethic, and commitment to students.”