Terrier STAR: Michelle Joler-Labbe Web Director | February 1, 2017

Michelle Joler-Labbe is a leader on campus who is dedicated to serving the employees of Thomas College.

This month, Michelle is being recognized for her exceptional customer service, dedication, loyalty, compassion, and “Helping Hand” Award.

As the Chief Human Resources Officer, Michelle has taken on many big projects to help benefit employees. She is committed to making Thomas College the best workplace it can be.

“Michelle is dedicated to the employees of Thomas, and supported the transition in the benefit system, the changes to the FLSA, and the HR360,” said a colleague. “She has worked tirelessly and with exceptional customer service skills on these additional projects for the employees of Thomas.”

The colleague said Michelle has been loyal to the College since her arrival in 2003.

Michelle, said another coworker, is always there for you – whether as an employee or supervisor.

“She’s there to listen, coach, guide, and support,” they said.

This colleague said Michelle took the steps not to just make Thomas employees’ workplace better, but to make sure they had help along the way as the changes were taking place.

“She helped the institution find a benefit mechanism that provides more choices for employees and then supported all employees through the transition – through multiple methods, including electronic communications, hands-on labs, and one-on-one guidance — all while keeping the day-to-day going (which included the backfilling on the HR Coordinator role).”