Terrier STAR: Tanya Longley Web Director | April 2, 2018

Tanya Longley is often working behind the scenes and an unsung hero. Organized and efficient, Tanya is an asset to the physical plant department and the whole of the College.

Tanya has worked at Thomas College for two and a half years as an administrative assistant for physical plant. She is being recognized for her exceptional customer service, originality, dedication, willingness to lend a “Helping Hand”, positivity, compassion, Thomas Pride, and loyalty.

“Tanya certainly is the glue that keeps the physical plant team/office running so efficiently,” said one colleague. “She is always cheerful, accommodating and more than happy to help out. Tanya has strong customer service skills and is super about following up. Many thanks and appreciation to her for all she does for us, and all of Thomas.”

Another colleague said Tanya often spends her time hidden in the shop getting tasks done, so sometimes gets overlooked – but she does an amazing job with faculty, staff, students, and vendors.

“Tanya always stands for what is needed and encourages others to stay positive,” this colleague said. “She is always pleasant and willing to lend a hand. Tanya has a great ear for listening and goes far beyond expectations.”

Tanya is also described as a great team player.

“Tanya has a very positive outlook that often is absorbed by others in her department,” they said. “Tanya is very compassionate when others are down and often leads her team in organizing.”