Terrier STAR: Zahayra Razo MacKenzie Riley Young | January 2, 2020
Zahayra Razo

Zahayra Razo ’15, M.S. ’18 – ­ affectionally known as “Z” – leads the TRIO Student Support Services program where she provides mainly personal and academic support students who are first-generation. A first-generation student herself, Z has an incredible knack for connecting with her students. She’s also an amazing team player and a great listener.

Zahayra, Director of TRIO and a four-year employee of the College, is being recognized as the Terrier STAR of the month for her exceptional customer service, being a team player, providing a personal experience, completion of a project, and improving system/processes.  

“Z is a leader by example. She is one that our team consistently go to when we need help, have a question, or need to bounce ideas off of,” said a coworker. “She always makes time for her students and her colleagues.”

This summer, Zahayra took on the role of Director and her colleagues think she has done an amazing job so far.

“She has stepped up and is consistently trying to find ways to partner with other departments on campus to ensure the best possible programs and activities for our students,” said the colleague.

A coworker from another department appreciates the way Z collaborates with others college-wide and enjoys working with her.

“TRIO has helped so many of our students and continues to be a vital factor in our retention rates,” said another coworker. “Zahayra makes every attempt to connect on a personal level with all the students in the program and with any student she may come in contact with.”