Thomas College: A Rewarding Education Web Director | November 16, 2018

Kate Jordan ’19 grew up in the rural, small town of Kingfield, Maine.  

“With one major route, everyone knew everyone and was sure to wave when passing by,” said Kate. “My parents own Jordan Lumber Company, located in the center of town, that has been in business for almost five decades.” 

After Kate graduated from high school in 2015, she left her hometown for Saint Joseph’s College in Standish, Maine to study nursing.  

“I quickly realized that blood and human anatomy was not where I wanted to have a career,” said Kate. “Instead, I wanted to go into the business aspect of healthcare.” 

Kate’s sister, Taylor, was attending Thomas College at the time Kate was looking for a new place to attend. 

“What I heard of Taylor’s experiences, I knew were ones that I wanted to have myself. I knew that if I was going to go into business and land a good job, Thomas was the place to get me there. I was right.” 

Now, Kate is in her last year at Thomas College studying Business Management. Kate commutes from Kingfield, and on days she doesn’t have classes she works as an administrative assistant for her parents’ business. She also has a six-month-old baby to go home to every day.  

Kate is glad she made the switch to Thomas College and to studying business.  kate jordan

“Thomas is known to be one of the best business schools because of the work they have you do,” said Kate. “You put your thinking cap on with every assignment, and you get what you put into it. It’s been extremely beneficial to me and my studies at Thomas.” 

Kate said that her favorite thing about Thomas College is the huge commitment professors make to their students. 

“It can be 9’oclock at night and professors are there to help you in whatever way they can. They even give their cell phone numbers out,” said Kate. “Professors are always willing to go out of their way to ensure that every student’s needs are met and know all their students by name. 

“It’s not a college, it’s one big family,” said Kate. 

Kate says professors – and Thomas – in general has always had her back. One semester, Kate was having a difficult time finding classes that were either not full or not offered that she really wanted to enroll in.  

“I talked to my advisor about it, and he proceeded to talk to the professors. They came together and not only got me in the classes I wanted but allowed me to take a directed study where I worked one-on-one with the professor.” 

Kate describes Thomas College as “rewarding”. She says for high school students having a difficult time finding a college, Kate assures Thomas College is worth it. 

“If you are looking to dedicate four years of your life at a school where you wish to gain a promising education, that is exactly what you will get out of a Thomas experience,” she said. “You can guarantee that you will retain not only a promising education but an education in a comfortable and fun setting.” 

As Kate nears closer to graduation this May, she reflects on her decision to transfer and make Thomas College her home: 

“I am so thankful and blessed to have attended a college that cares so much about each and every student and the success they have once they graduate.”