Thomas College prepares students for success; From the beginning of their journey, to the end Web Director | September 26, 2019

As first-year students prepare to begin their journey at Thomas College in Waterville, others are returning this week to close it out.  Accelerated MBA-Accounting student Cassidy Pinkham is coming back this fall with her sights set on graduation in the spring, but this year is going to be a little different.

Just as Cassidy is finishing her time at Thomas College, another Pinkham – Cassidy’s sister, Sydney, is beginning her journey here.

While Sydney is excited to begin – Cassidy has experienced all Thomas has to offer, holding many leadership roles and participated in career preparation opportunities, including internships.

“I had two job offers before even graduating from Thomas. Thomas College gave me the opportunity to network and connect with the business profession of accounting,” said Cassidy.

Cassidy, from Poland, Maine, chose Thomas College because of its social life, proximity to her hometown, and the financial aspect.

“It was really affordable for me. I knew that it had an awesome business school that was really well known so I knew I would get a lot of bang for my buck here,” she said.

Thomas College was recently recognized for having the 15th highest decrease in student loan debt in the nation – and #1 in Maine, according to a recent study.

While traditionally in the beginning of their final year graduates are often painted as contemplating “what comes next,” many Thomas College graduates like Cassidy have already begun to see the return on their investment before they even graduate.

“Thomas College helped prepare me for my future by allowing me to network with business professionals, gain valuable knowledge in the classroom, and give me the opportunity for internships – and job offers.”

In the spring, Cassidy will continue her full-time position as a Staff Accountant for Albin, Randall & Bennett in Portland.

Sydney has been on campus for only a week for the Early Start program – and so far, she is loving it: she’s made so many new friends and has been challenged academically.

Sydney was intrigued by Thomas College because of her sister Cassidy’s experience and her decision was reinforced when exploring the school on her own.

“I chose Thomas because of the family atmosphere. Every time I came to the campus, the people here were very welcoming and always seemed to have my best interest at heart. I would meet someone once, and the next time I came up to visit, they always remembered my name,” said Sydney. “I also chose Thomas over other schools because of the lacrosse team. They all made me feel so welcomed and I instantly felt a part of the team.”

Sydney chose the accelerated three-year bachelor’s program because it makes paying for college much more affordable. With plans to be a psychologist, Sydney knows she will have to pay for post-graduate school as well so the accelerated program at Thomas College helps her journey.

“Being able to complete my undergrad in three years instead of four, will lower the amount I need to pay for my total years in school,” said Sydney.

Overall, Sydney is excited for her future at Thomas College – making more friends, playing lacrosse, and setting herself up for success after graduation.

“I know that with the connections Thomas has, I will be able to find a well-respected job after I graduate through the door Thomas opened for me,” said Sydney.