International Thomas Cup

Saturday-Sunday: June 8 – 9, 2024
Time: 4:00p.m. Indio China Time, 5:00p.m. Taiwan Time, 5:00a.m. EST

The International Thomas Cup is a free event for international high school students in which teams of five (5) students compete in a Valorant, international esports competition.

Merit scholarships are available and Esports scholarships will be offered individually throughout the tournament to those with strong performances. Esports scholarships will be awarded in three tiers: (Tier 1) $2,500/year, (Tier 2) $5,000/year, and (Tier 3) $7,500/year at Thomas College’s discretion.

All high school students are welcome to participate, no matter your experience.

Competitive and Generous Scholarships Will Be Awarded to Top Performers!

Competition Rules & Regulations


Registration is open to teams of five students.


Please reach out to us at 207-859-1456 or if you have any questions.