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 Undergraduate Admissions

Do you know exactly what you want to major in or are you still undecided?  See for yourself what awaits you at Thomas, internship opportunities, career placement, and personal attention.

Thomas College offers a 4+1 Accelerated Degree Program (Bachelors/Masters), which offers significant benefits in obtaining a graduate degree on an accelerated track. A graduate degree can open many doors and enhance professional options. The participating degree programs have been identified below.

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Majors and Programs of Study

Associate of Science in Accounting (Degree Plan)
Accounting (+1 Option)
(Degree Plan)
Accounting & Financial Analysis (Degree Plan)
Accounting—Forensic Accounting (+1 Option) (Degree Plan)
Managerial Accounting (Degree Plan)
Public Accounting (Degree Plan)

Arts and Sciences
Associate of Arts and Sciences (Degree Plan)

Business & Management
Associate of Science and Business (Degree Plan)
Entrepreneurship/Small Business (Degree Plan)
Hospitality Management (+1 Option) (Degree Plan)
Hotel and Restaurant Management (Degree Plan)
International Business (Degree Plan)
Management (+1 Option) (Degree Plan)
Communications—Public Relations/Marketing
(Degree Plan)

Computer & Technology

Computer Science (+1 Option) (Degree Plan)
Information Technology Management (+1 Option) (Degree Plan)
Security and Cyber-Defense  (Degree Plan) 

Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice (Degree Plan)
Criminal Justice Administration (Degree Plan)
Criminal Justice - Crime Scene Investigation

Criminal Justice - Criminology

Criminal Justice - Law Enforcement

Early Childhood Education (Degree Plan)
Elementary Education (Degree Plan)
Secondary Education - English (Degree Plan)
Secondary Education - Social Studies (Degree Plan)

English (Degree Plan)

Finance (+1 Option) (Degree Plan)

General Studies & Undecided
General Studies (Degree Plan)
Undecided (Degree Plan)

Marketing Management(+1 Option) (Degree Plan)

Political Science
Political Science (Degree Plan)
Political Science - Policy Studies

Political Science - Public Administration

Political Science - Security Studies

Forensic Psychology (Degree Plan)
Psychology (Degree Plan)
Psychology with Forensic Psychology Concentration (Degree Plan)

Sports Management
Sport Management (+1 Option) (Degree Plan)
Sport Management—Sport Marketing Concentration (Degree Plan)

Plus One Options

Students who are in programs with a +1 option can choose to enroll in
Thomas College's well established Accelerated MBA programs listed below.

Masters of Science in Education
(Degree Plan)
Accelerated MBA
(Degree Plan)
Accelerated MBA - Accounting
(Degree Plan)

Quick Facts

Average class size, annual costs, can I bring my car to campus are only a few of the “Frequently Asked Questions” that are answered for you.

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