Direct Admissions at Thomas College

Achieve a Promising Future Through Direct Admissions

At Thomas College, we personalize your education so it’s relevant to your unique goals. By inviting you to apply with a pre-approved acceptance, we make it easier for you to be yourself in your application.

Direct admissions helps reduce the stress and anxiety associated with applying to college and answers the question, “Will I get in?”, well, directly!

What is Direct Admissions?

What if you knew you’d be accepted to Thomas College before you even applied? Direct Admission is a pre-approval that lets you know you’ll be accepted, and even what your scholarship might look like. This can help you feel more confident, less stressed, and more prepared as you apply to colleges.

How it Works

If you have a GPA of at least 2.75 and 6 Dual Enrollment Credits, you’re pre-accepted. Congrats! Now, you can apply to Thomas College with confidence and less stress.


Have a question or need assistance with this process? Our Admissions Team is here for you. Contact us by emailing [email protected] or calling/texting 207-859-1101. 

Graduating underclasswomen and men at Thomas College

Get Started!

If you meet the the GPA and Dual Enrollment requirements, you can apply with confidence to know you’ll get in. Apply Now to get started.