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Commuter Students

Be in the Driver’s Seat of Your Promising Future

Whether you live on campus or choose to commute, you always have access to a full and vibrant experience at Thomas College. As of Fall 2022, 34% of students are commuters, and in a typical entering class, about 15% of students choose to live off campus. This page is your dedicated space to find resources and opportunities as a commuter.

Resources and Opportunities


Commuters should use the commuter parking lots on the north end of the Administration Building or B & C Lots.

Student Services

Your success and well-being are our top priority, and you can take advantage of numerous resources and services created to help students of all kinds prosper during their time at Thomas College. This means you have access to the Student Success Center, Technology Services, and Health & Wellness offerings.

Study Spaces

While you’re on campus, you have the option to spend time and study in a range of spaces. If you prefer a quieter space or need print resources, the Library may serve you well. If you’d prefer to be nearer to caffeine or snacks, hunker down near Jeanie’s Cafe or the Dog Pound. During Health Center hours, your key card will also grant you access to the common spaces in GPH so you can enjoy a more residential environment to hang out in between classes.


If you don’t want to miss out on Thomas College Dining, meal plans make dining on campus convenient and more affordable. Block Meal Plans are available specifically for commuter students, so you can still enjoy the Dining Center, Dog Pound, and Jeanie’s Cafe with your friends.

Clubs, Activities, and Intramurals

At Thomas College, the social aspect of campus life is part of your personal growth—and it’s there for you to enjoy as a commuter. There are many opportunities for co-curricular learning, leadership, and fun diversions from your studies so you can meet people, discover new interests, and learn what truly matters to you. Some of these events take place on evenings and weekends, but that doesn’t mean you can’t participate!

There’s even a Commuter Rep on the Student Senate. You can find more information on the Student Senate bulletin board, which is location in Student Commons.


Our athletic department is dedicated to the total student-athlete, and our community is always there to cheer on the Terriers. All full-time day students, including those who commute, are eligible to participate in our varsity and club athletic programs.