Student Success Center


Academic Support for Success

One of the most important things you can learn in college is how to ask for help. Your classes at Thomas College will be demanding, and we expect our students to know how to reach out to others for support, enrichment, and mentoring.

The Student Success Center is the place where you’ll find other people ready to help you achieve your academic goals, whether that means passing your next test with flying colors, writing a paper that really makes you proud, or getting organized—and staying that way.

We offer three different programs, all geared toward your learning style and specific needs: Peer Mentoring, Peer Tutoring, and Academic Coaching. Our mission is to help you master your academic subject areas, develop and capitalize on your strengths, and develop as an independent, confident worker and thinker.


Peer Mentoring

As a first-year Thomas College student, you’ll be matched up with a peer mentor who’s there to look out for you right away. Peer mentors are continuing Thomas students we choose to help make your transition to college academics a little easier. They’ve already succeeded in some of the classes you’ll be taking, and they’re ready to help with tips, advice, and homework help as you work your way through year one at Thomas.


Peer Tutoring

Peer tutors are continuing Thomas students who have demonstrated mastery of certain subject areas and earned recommendations from professors. After extensive training, they’re here to help you to navigate your classes and homework with more confidence. You’ll meet other students who love to learn and are excited to share their experience and insight with you. To connect with a peer tutor, check the schedule and make an appointment.


Academic Coaching

Academic Coaches are professional staff members who are here to make sure you have all the tools you need to thrive at Thomas College. They offer individualized support based on the classes you’ve chosen, and will help to customize a success plan based on your goals and areas of concern for the school year. You’ll develop better study skills, spotlight organization and preparation for class, and discuss ways to stay focused in class and while working on homework. The program is recommended for new Thomas College students in their first semester or year, but may be available to continuing students based on availability. This program is free to Thomas College students.

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