Terrier STAR: Kelly Stevens Web Director | December 3, 2018

Kelly Stevens is known for her confidence, efficiency, and compassion.  

A five-year employee of the College, Kelly serves as the Executive Assistant to the Provost. She’s being honored with the Terrier STAR award for her exceptional customer service, dedication, and positivity.  

Kelly is known as being a team player with a positive attitude. 

“She always asks questions which allows herself to fully immerse herself in the ins and outs of delivering a project. She is fun to work with,” said a coworker. 

Kelly is known for her assistance on a wide array of projects, and always takes the requests happily. And she always makes time for our students; you can tell how much she deeply cares about them. 

“Kelly is always there to brighten one’s day. She greets everyone with a smile and genuine, ‘How can I help you?’ Then, she happily goes off to deliver on the request,” said a colleague. “This impresses me given the multitude and magnitude of the requests she receives.”  

Thomas College is lucky to have this individual, who cares about doing her best and helping others do the same. 

“Kelly treats each and every person in the office with respect and consideration. She sets a high standard for her work and has high expectations for herself,” said one senior colleague. “She is efficient and embodies the Thomas spirit to help students, faculty, and staff achieve their goals.”