Employee Recognition

  • Terrier STAR: Taylan Thomas   

  • Terrier STAR: Cathy Dumont   

  • Terrier STAR: Jesika Vick    

    Jesika Vick, Program Coordinator, Graduate & Professional Studies, Thomas College
  • Terrier STAR: MacKenzie Oberholzer   

    MacKenzie Oberholzer, Director of Sports Information/Athletic Communications
  • Terrier STAR: Kristin Bishop    

    person with long brown hair and a grey blazer smiling at the camera with green shrub in the background
  • Terrier STAR: Nina Brickett   

  • Terrier STAR: Larry Lawler   

  • Terrier STAR: Mikaela Ziobro

  • Terrier STAR: Seth Reed

    person standing with glass doors behind him, wearing a grey polo and smiling
  • Terrier STAR: Carol Jollotta

    woman with bright blue top with collar and short hair with glasses