Employee Recognition
Terrier STAR: Dr. Alicia Wilcox MacKenzie Riley Young | January 3, 2022

Dr. Alicia Wilcox, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, is known for her engaging teaching style and passion for educating our students.

Alicia, an employee of the College for more than two years, is being recognized for career focus, providing a personalized experience and inspiring environment, and care and community.

Alicia is most known for setting up mock crime scenes in various locations on campus. Her students find her engaging and colleagues say she is always willing to help, especially when it helps the College succeed.

One colleague says, “At the start of the fall semester, I was walking by Alicia’s classroom – and there were two students outside. I overheard one expressing disappointment that her course was full, and the other saying just how awesome she is. When I came back through after my meeting – about 30 minutes later – those same students were still outside the classroom, just listening in. This is not an isolated event! Students often tell me just how supportive, smart, and exceptional she is – everything from her faculty keynote to her classes.”

This same colleague describes working with Alicia on a virtual crime scene for the Thomas Cup last year: “I saw both her ability to design engaging activities and to connect with high school students firsthand. She truly draws from prior careers to inspire and motivate students for the future AND she gives very targeted, yet caring, feedback so students can continue to grow. Thomas is lucky to have her!” Congrats, Alicia!