Terrier STAR: MacKenzie Riley Young Web Director | October 1, 2018

MacKenzie Riley Young, Assistant Director of Media Relations, is an integral part of Thomas College’s marketing and communications team. Her diligence, creativity, and productivity day in and day out illustrate her commitment to creating a strong public profile for the institution.

MacKenzie joined the College in Spring 2015. She is being recognized for her exceptional customer service, originality, dedication, willingness to lend a helping hand, pride in the organization, positivity, and loyalty.

“MacKenzie has demonstrated her passion for Thomas in so many ways,” said one senior colleague. “She has developed new skills and contacts in an effort to get our stories out into the community in a more meaningful way. She is always up for a new challenge. She takes on the challenge with a smile and positive energy.”

Another noted the results of her hard work. “From getting the College covered on the Sunday ‘Today Show’ to her work with local stations and papers to feature our incredible students’ stories, MacKenzie has been very effective. She also does an awesome job of promoting these stories inside the College so that we are all in tune with our students and successes.”

“She has an incredible focus on her job and understands how her work fits into the bigger picture,” that person added. “Her work continues to push us forward, and for that, we are grateful.”

Congratulations to MacKenzie for her work and achievements!