Terrier STAR: Dr. Frank Appunn Web Director | March 1, 2018

Dr. Frank Appunn is known for his booming voice, theatrical teaching style, and his tenacious passion for Thomas College and its students.

Frank, a six-and-a-half-year employee of the college, is a professor of information technology management. He is being recognized for his originality, dedication, Thomas Pride, positivity, and loyalty.

“Frank brings his Thomas pride and innovative mind with him each day to campus,” said a colleague. “He’s the mastermind behind the Thomas Cup and one of the inventors of the new Master’s in Cybersecurity degree, as examples. Frank not only wants to help Thomas grow, but more importantly, he wants our students to graduate and achieve all of their dreams.”

A staff member was lucky enough to have Frank as a professor as well as a colleague.

“Professor Appunn has inspired me to finish my Master’s in Project Management. I could not have learned as much about project management and its intricacies if it wasn’t for Frank. He made it relatable and interesting,” said the staff member.

Another one of Frank’s colleagues said he is such a great employee for both the big things and the little things he does.

“The big things: Frank works tirelessly to not only help promote the College – the Thomas Cup, the Thomas Security Center, as examples – but also to provide opportunities for our students to promote themselves within the community and with future employers,” said the coworker. “He’s set up Bachelor’s in Security & Cyber Defense and Computer Information Systems, and a Master’s in Cybersecurity program, providing new avenues for attracting and retaining students that also lead to great career opportunities for our graduates.”

As for the little things: his attention to students.

“He’s available to students at all hours when they need help with academics or advice with their careers. He pushes students to try something new, give a little extra effort, all to help them accomplish bigger and better things,” said the colleague. “With his boundless positive energy and enthusiasm, they often do just that. He and I have had countless conversations over the years, and it’s obvious he cares deeply about their success.”