Employee Recognition
Terrier STAR: Larry Lawler    Web Director | September 1, 2023

Larry Lawler, maintenance, is known for his hard work and care for his fellow colleagues.

Larry, an employee of the College for five years, is being recognized as this month’s Terrier STAR for providing an inspiring environment and care and community.

“Larry deserves recognition for his reliability, impressive skill set, and hard work. He’s honest, trustworthy, and very efficient with his time. He’s the first one to jump in to help a crew member. He’s always patient and has a great attitude,” said a colleague.

“Larry is the ultimate teammate. He is always looking to lend a hand or advice to a fellow staff member,” said a senior colleague. “He will always offer to come in on a day off to take care of last minute or emergency needs. In the past couple of years with all the turnover in maintenance, Larry has embraced the role of a leader and the entire department has great respect for Larry. Another thing is no matter how bad things get , Larry never complains and always has a ‘can do’ attitude. Thomas College is extremely fortunate to have Larry working here. He is the hardest working man I’ve worked with, and just a solid person”

Other coworkers had this to say about Larry:

“Larry is one of the most hard-working people I have ever met, and he always has a positive attitude.”

“Larry has all the qualities of a leader: encouraging, respectful and knowledgeable.”

“No one supports their peers like Larry.”

“Larry always gives 120 percent.”

“Larry is the type of guy that would drop everything he is doing to help someone out.”

It’s clear that Larry is admired by so many of his peers as a leader and person. We’re so lucky to have him as part of our Thomas College community.

Congrats, Larry!