Terrier STAR: Kerry Smart MacKenzie Riley Young | September 1, 2021

Kerry Smart, Development Officer for Athletics, is known for her positivity and for her commitment to helping others.

kerry smart

Kerry, an employee of the College for more than a decade, is being recognized as this month’s Terrier STAR for her institutional inventiveness, providing a personalized experience and inspiring environment, and care and community.

“Kerry is always upbeat, positive, engaging, proactive, informative, and helpful,” said a fellow colleague.

Kerry is known as a hard worker who is committed to the success of students and the College. She is innovative and creative when it comes to making big things happen, like successful fundraising events, even when faced with sometimes several obstacles.

Kerry is not just supportive of students, but truly cares about her teammates and the entire Thomas College community.

“I’ve frequently seen Kerry making time in her busy schedule to help people for both personal and professional reasons. She’s never too busy to help a fellow Terrier! She’s a great Development Officer and she’s an even better person. She makes everyone around her better!” a colleague said.

Congrats, Kerry!