Graduate Student Accelerators Career with Credential Program MacKenzie Riley Young | August 25, 2021

As a graduate student, Maddie Stevens MBA-HR ’21 took advantage of the resources provided by the Harold Alfond® Institute for Innovation to earn her Society of Human Resource Management-Certified Professional certification.

All Thomas College students have the opportunity to earn a credential of value at the same time they pursue their undergraduate or graduate degree.  “A professional certification or credential not only gives employers proof of an employee’s ability, it provides that individual with an opportunity to take their academic knowledge and apply it to a focused area within their field of study,” explains Harold Alfond® Institute for Business Innovation Executive Director Mike Duguay. “At Thomas College we’re committed to our student’s employability and assisting them get a professional credential of value is just another way we ensure that they will have an advantage in the workforce.”

Maddie was able to complete the SHRM-CP (Society of Human Resource Management – Certified Professional) exam recently. In addition to working over 400 hours in the field of Human Resources, for this rigorous exam; Maddie studied for about five months and put in well over 100 hours.

“This wasn’t something I considered taking until I heard of the Fire and Ice program here at Thomas College. Having the additional financial support and motivation was what inspired me to start preparing for this exam. The certification, along with the MBA-HR degree will certainly help me today and down the line in my career,”

said Maddie.

“Maddie is a stellar example of an individual who was not only highly qualified but driven to get a professional credential from SHRM while finishing her studies here at Thomas College.  Not only does that credential hold serious weight in the realm of human resources, it projects to potential employers that she is highly qualified, self-directed and the type of employee who gets results.”

Maddie recently accepted a position at BerryDunn as a recruiter’s assistant, which aligns with her human resources career path goals, and will finish up her Master’s program here at Thomas this month.  For more information on Thomas’s FIRE and ICE professional credentialing program, please contact Mike Duguay at 859-1151 or email [email protected].