Terrier STAR: Mark Marsolais MacKenzie Riley Young | October 1, 2021
Ethan and Mark

Mark Marsolais, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice, is known for his upbeat and spunky personality, and for his commitment to current and future Thomas students.

Mark, an employee of the College for seven years, is being recognized for providing a personalized experience.

“Mark is an amazing professor and ambassador for the Thomas Community. He goes above and beyond to connect with potential and new incoming students,” said a colleague “He sends individual emails to high school students to introduce the criminal justice faculty and to the program at Thomas. He meets with students face-to-face when they visit campus. We all understand that recruitment is important to the college, and Mark makes this a priority.”

Beyond connecting with prospective students, Mark is a champion for current students both inside and outside of the classroom. It was no surprise when it was recently announced that the 2020-2021 yearbook was dedicated to him.

“Mark has a great sense of humor and has taught me to not take things too seriously,” said another colleague. “He is also an incredibly hard worker and truly cares about our students and their success.”

Congrats, Mark!