Terrier STAR: Matt Breslin MacKenzie Riley Young | February 1, 2021

Matt Breslin, Director of Physical Plant, is known for his leadership and commitment to the Thomas community, particularly in keeping everyone safe during the time of COVID.

An employee of the College for eight years, Matt is being recognized for his exceptional customer service, being a team player, providing a personal experience, completion of a project, and improving systems/processes. 

“Matt has truly gone above and beyond with the COVID response. He completely transformed the entire custodial team and literally led them into battle against Covid-19,” said a colleague.

For example, he personally comes to campus every week-day at 5 a.m. to fog the entire campus.

“We all owe him a true and sincere debt of gratitude. His response to Covid embodies all things good in a leader and it has been truly impressive to watch,” this colleague added.

Another co-worker mentions Matt’s kind heart and solid vision as the leader of Physical Plant. He’s motivated by the students, especially right now, and truly loves this college, they said.

“Matt is a tremendous planner, and he is very successful at navigating through distress,” they said. “Matt has led the custodial crew through the toughest times in the College’s history in terms of custodial times and has been a phenomenal leader to keep the College as safe as humanly possible.”

Congratulations and thank you for all you do, Matt!