Terrier STAR: Steve Dyer Web Director | September 3, 2019

Steve Dyer is known for tirelessly working to prepare students for success in their future professional careers and personal lives.

A nine-year employee of the College, Steve is an instructor of criminology and criminal justice. He’s being honored with the Terrier STAR award for his exceptional customer service, being a team player, and providing a personal experience.

“Steve is a student-centered instructor who builds personal and professional relationships with our criminal justice majors. Every academic year he works with his colleagues to improve the criminal justice program,” said a colleague. “He is forward-thinking in that he seeks to put together new courses for the program. Through his dedication, he has improved the Thomas College – Maine Criminal Justice Academy relationship.”

Steve Dyer is passionate about Thomas College and its students. He is committed to helping students the best he can, even if that means sacrificing his time and resources to do so.

“Steve has been an active part of the student experience both in and out of the classroom for many years. He advises our Criminal Justice Club, and previously advised CRU. He is often traveling with students ‘after hours’ to complete compliance checks, to the Criminal Justice Academy, and to the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences Annual meeting,” said another colleague.

We are lucky to have Steve at Thomas College: “Steve is instrumental in supporting the students in the criminal justice program by passing along opportunities for students to get involved to further their development.”