Employee Recognition
Terrier STAR: Chris Santiago Web Director | April 1, 2022

Chris Santiago, Director of Safety and Security, is known for his selfless nature and for leading by example.

An employee of the College for almost two years, he is being recognized for his career focus, for providing an inspiring environment, and care and community.

“Chris puts Thomas College FIRST, hands down. He has a deep care for the students of Thomas,” says a colleague.

As the Director of Safety and Security, he leads by example: “Chris would never ask any Officer to do anything that he would not do himself, and he actually lives by this and does it on a daily basis! Chris will cover for days off, sick days and always attempts to make a work life balance for all of his Officers.”

Chris doesn’t stick with the status quo – he attempts to make the Safety & Security department the best it can be, including adding new technology and national and state certifications.  

“This kind of leader makes me want to come to work and work with and for him. I truly feel what I say here is echoed among our Officers,” says a co-worker. “Chris Santiago is a true gem at Thomas College and a beloved one. We are very lucky to have him.”

Congratulations, Chris!