Employee Recognition
Terrier STAR: Carol Jollotta Web Director | January 3, 2023

Carol Jollotta, of Counseling Services, is known for commitment to students and her kind and calm demeanor.   

Carol, an employee of the College for more than six years, is being recognized as this month’s Terrier STAR for providing an inspiring environment, personalized experience, care and community, and institutionalized inventiveness.

“Carol is one of the biggest strengths in our community’s foundation. She has provided our students the care they need without putting a single person on a waitlist,” said a colleague. “Many times when I ask students how they are managing things they respond with something along the lines of, ‘OK because of Carol’. When they are managing a crisis and I ask if they have support, they say ‘Don’t worry I have Carol’.”

“[Students] put their trust in her and she does not let them down,” said the colleague. “She bears the emotional weight of our community and still manages to bring a sense of calm and a smile to all of her interactions despite carrying that weight. Many of us underestimate the overall community wellness that exists because of Carol’s expertise and generosity.”

Over the years, Carol has built a solid foundation for Counseling Services at Thomas. Her support helps students be able to continue to stay in school and reach their goals. From starting a tele-health option to offering flexible hours to fit her students’ needs, Carol is committed and innovative.

“Students find Carol to be supportive, approachable, non-judgmental, confidential, and professional.  For a small campus, having a credible and safe space for students is key to success of counseling.  The greatest testament for Carol is that students refer their peers to speak with her,” said another colleague.

Congrats, Carol!