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Newest Ambition: Earning a Master’s Degree Web Director | January 13, 2023
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Eric Newton’s job involves providing beautiful places for the people of Portland, Maine to enjoy. As the Horticultural Supervisor for the city’s Parks and Recreation Department, Eric has worked hard to rebuild this department and advocate for natural landscapes that benefit wildlife.

His newest ambition? Earning a master’s degree online through Thomas College.

“I had been looking for the next step to take in my professional development, but I wasn’t sure what direction to go in. I chose to enroll in the MBA program at Thomas College and concentrate in project management because I believed it would diversify my skills and help me move up into a management position at my current job.”

Eric, who began his master’s in September 2022, says he is very excited about this program and appreciates how accessible it is.

He’s earning his degree through a Business and Employer Preferred Educational Partnership between the City of Portland and Thomas College.

“My experience at Thomas College has been great so far. The online program is conducive to my schedule since I am working full time and have a family. The instructors have been great, and I have learned a lot in my first few classes already,” he said.

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