Employee Recognition
Terrier STAR: Roberta Tibbetts      MacKenzie Riley Young | April 1, 2024

Roberta Tibbetts, associate professor of management, is known for her unwavering dedication to Thomas College.

Roberta, an employee of the College for more than 50 years, is being recognized as this month’s Terrier STAR for providing an inspiring environment, care and community, and institutional inventiveness.

A 1971 alumna of the College, Roberta became a faculty member at Thomas College directly after graduation and has been here ever since.

“There is no faculty member more dedicated to the students and the mission of Thomas College than Roberta Tibbetts,” said a colleague.

“She has taught our students about integrity since the first day she set foot on Thomas’s campus, more than 50 years ago,” said another colleague.

“I don’t think any other member of the Thomas community is as dedicated to Thomas as Roberta is. Over the past couple months, she has been meeting with a couple of the FBLA to plan a conference trip almost every day at lunch. She encourages all professors to donate on the Day of Giving, and cares deeply about the future of the College,” said a fellow faculty member.

“Roberta is a caring professor, who always has the student’s best interest in mind. This shows in the classroom, in casual conversations, and in formal meetings. Her ability to listen to students and bring forward ideas that facilitate positive change has been unwavering over the years. Her calm and approachable demeaner is a quality that provides a student experience that is both memorable and comfortable,” said a colleague.

“Roberta has been the soul of this institution for many years. She puts the needs of the students first and ensures that they learn in the classroom and grow as individuals outside of the classroom.  She is an amazing colleague, supportive and kind,” said a co-worker.

“Where do I begin? T is one of the most caring individuals our Thomas community has to offer. She genuinely wants to see students succeed. T has the answer. When students or staff have a question about Thomas, T knows! Knowledgeable, professional and caring, those words encompass T’s character,” said a student.

“Roberta is the memory and heart of Thomas College,” said another co-worker.

Congrats, Roberta!