Employee Recognition
Terrier STAR: Amanda Wrigley Web Director | March 1, 2022

Amanda Wrigley, Senior Advancement Assistant, is known for her energy, mentorship of students, and sense of humor.

Amanda Wrigley, an employee of the College for five and a half years, is being recognized for her career focus, institutional inventiveness, and for providing an inspiring environment.

“Amanda has done an amazing job connecting with students and mentoring them as future alumni. As advisor to SPT (Student Philanthropy Team), she mentors the group as they have transitioned new leadership this year. She also empowers them to take on leadership roles and help to drive the energy and commitment of their peers. SPT is one of the most active clubs on campus,” said a senior colleague.

Amanda is hardworking and always comes to the table with fresh ideas on how to engage students and alumni.

“Working with alumni, she brings a blend of professionalism and innovation to help keep young alums connected to Thomas. Her energy is admired, and her sense of humor is priceless!” said the colleague.

Through Amanda’s hard work and passion, there is no doubt of her commitment to the Thomas community.

Congratulations, Amanda!