Terrier STAR: Crystal Leavitt Web Director | April 2, 2019

On any given day (or any given minute), there is at least one or two students in Crystal Levitt ‘16’s office.

As Student Success Coordinator, Crystal serves as an academic coach to many – and spends a lot of time ensuring they are succeeding and feeling supported.

Crystal, an employee of the College for two years, is being recognized as this month’s Terrier STAR for her exceptional customer service, being a team player, providing a personal experience, and improving system/processes.

“Her ability to form strong, positive coaching relationships with each student is evident to visitors of the Student Success Center, both in how busy her office is on a daily basis as well as in how highly students speak of Crystal and her impact on them,” said a colleague.

“Crystal makes sure that each student who visits her office feels heard, important, and valued.”

This colleague said Crystal’s belief and commitment in the importance of proactive and consistent outreach has made a difference in academic coaching and other programming in the Student Success Center at Thomas College.

Another co-worker echoes the sentiment of Crystal making time for every student who seeks her assistance, but she also is a great colleague to others in the Student Success Center.

crystal leavitt

“She picks up additional tasks that would not only help Thomas students, but also her team members,” said the co-worker. “She works hard to improve things and is not afraid to speak up when it is required and when she believes it is the best for the community.

“If there is anyone who deserves to be recognized for their work and dedication it is Crystal Leavitt,” they said.

A senior colleague has nothing but good to say about Crystal:

“Crystal brings out the best in those around her. She is dynamic, passionate. and deeply committed to Thomas College,” they said. “She’s able to think about the best interest of the student with whom she is immediately working, while also thinking flexibly and practically about how to build or modify programs to make them more effective for all the students that they serve.”