Employee Recognition
Terrier STAR: Kristina Lilley MacKenzie Riley Young | February 1, 2022

Kristina Lilley, Assistant Director of Graduate Recruiting, is known for her hard work and commitment to the College and her friendliness.

Kristina, an employee of the College for seven months, is being recognized for institutional inventiveness, providing a personalized experience and inspiring environment, and career focus.

Kristina is also an on-campus 2019 MBA graduate. She brings this experience and her talented project management skills and innovative ideas to this new role on campus, Director of Graduate Recruiting. In only seven months, she has made waves in how we recruit and attract prospective graduate students to our school.

“I am continuously inspired by her dedication to the Institution, as well as her genuine passion for her job,” says a colleague. “Kristina has been focusing on new marketing techniques in order to grow the graduate program. She created social media handles, networked with her professional contacts to visit students as USM and UMF, and continues to go above and beyond to try and recruit students. She is kind, warm, and outgoing. A great addition to our Thomas family.”

Another colleague says, “Kristina has jumped right into her Graduate Recruitment position and continues to have little victories every day that lead to big achievements for the Graduate Department. She is kind and thoughtful to everyone that passes her way: staff, student, faculty, doesn’t matter. She makes my day better every day and we love having her apart of our Thomas Community.”

Congrats, Kristina!