Thomas Cup

Join us for the 7th Annual Thomas Cup!

March 18-19, 2022

The Thomas Cup is back for our 7th annual event! Join us in person and on campus for an all-nighter March 18-19, 2022.

The Thomas Cup is a free event for Maine high schoolers in which teams of five students compete in science, technology, engineering, and innovation competitions for the chance to win their names on the Thomas Cup and receive scholarships worth up to $10,000 over four years. Competition areas include cyber defense, esports, computer science, and crime scene analysis.

All Maine high school students are welcome to participate, no matter your experience or skillsets. Thomas College professors, staff, and current students will help you succeed, learn, and have fun.

Compete for scholarship money as part of this unique and rewarding opportunity!

If you’re a student, please connect with a staff member or teacher from your school to complete this form together. You must register as a team of five with a school contact or chaperone. If you’re unable to create a team, please contact us at or 207-859-1101.

Unfortunately, registration has been closed for this event.


Thomas Cup participants will compete in five sessions. Read more about each session below.

Robotics Race DESCRIPTION: Put your problem-solving skills to the test as your team programs a sensor-equipped Arduino robot to travel through a course requiring some tricky maneuvering, racing against time and other teams. New to programming? No problem! We’ll provide training and support, getting you up to speed on the coding skills your team needs to win the race.

Police Have a Bone (or two) to Pick With You

Outdoor Scene. Single vehicle crash involving disoriented/intoxicated driver. Police search of vehicle prior to towing reveals numerous bones in bag in trunk to include a portion of what may be a human skull.


  1. How to legally question driver.
  2. How to process scene.
  3. How to determine bone derivation (human? animal?)
  4. Speculate as to what has happened based on statements, evidence, clues.

The Thomas Cup Esports Competition session is a League of Legends tournament (Teams of 5). The 16 teams will be put into 4 groups of 4 and compete in a Round Robin within their groups to be seeded based on record within the group 1-4. The teams will then be placed into a single elimination bracket where they will compete against each other for placement and points in the Thomas Cup.

Student teams will learn the dynamics of simple propulsion as they compete head-to-head in a competition using the projects that they built during the event.

Cyber Safe Family

Thomas Cup Teams will tackle a Cyber Challenge that will need no prior knowledge by listening to a 30 minute presentation where teams will learn about the latest threats that face them and their families.

Teams will avoid the new 2021 and anticipated 2022 traps that may harm them. Teams will also hunt down a problem that is hiding on a machine.

The best teams will have regular computer skills used at school and home, use the 30 minutes presentation details, collaborate within the team, and be able to be able to search the internet.

Thank you to our incredible sponsors for making the Thomas Cup possible!

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