Criminal Justice (Forensics Concentration) (BS)

Criminal Justice (Forensics Concentration) Degree Overview

Do you love hands-on learning? The forensics concentration in the Criminal Justice program teaches students the skills necessary to preserve at the crime scene, evaluate evidence in the laboratory and testify as an expert witness. Get an inside look into what happens from a crime scene to the lab and to the court – with mock simulations of crime scene processing and evidence evaluations, learning how to write search warrants,

Students will learn up-to-do date and current best practices and will be able to articulate the strengths and weaknesses of different evidence types.

Prepare for a Career In:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Homeland Security
  • Corrections
  • Social Work
  • Risk Compliance Management
  • Corrections Center Administration

“I have grown a lot in my time at Thomas; my communication skills have improved a lot since I was always an introverted person in High School, but Thomas helped me “come out of my shell” and become a more vibrant person. I have also grown more professional from high school to now, working on my professional attire, communications skills, and thought process when it comes to taking in a professional environment.”

Kodi Berube ’20

At a Glance

Key Courses

  • 121 credit hours
  • 3 year option
  • Career-focused curriculum
  • Internships
  • Leadership development
  • Crime Scene Processing and Evidence Evaluation
  • Criminal Investigation Procedures
  • The Laws of Evidence
  • Science of Fingerprints
  • Forensic Science: Death Investigation
  • Forensic Science: Evidence Evaluation
  • Human Genetics