Interdisciplinary Studies (BA)

Interdisciplinary Studies Degree Overview

Are you having trouble finding a major that fits your unique interests and career goals? Do your interests cut across disciplines, not fitting neatly within existing majors? Our Interdisciplinary major gives a student direct ownership and responsibility over their education by creating a program unique to their personal interests and career goals. An IDS major allows for freedom, structure, and a focused exploration of a variety of areas of interest.

Interdisciplinary education is ideal for a highly motivated student looking to address complex interdisciplinary issues in a changing career world.

Students have the option to name their own unique major that fits their interests. The name of a unique major is typically derived from the names of existing majors, minors, and concentrations.

Examples of Student-created Majors:

  • Cultural Diversity Education
  • Political Journalism
  • Diversity Psychology

“In Interdisciplinary Studies, we have the opportunity to choose the classes we want and have more flexibility and control over what we learn.”

Renee Rossi ’22, Interdisciplinary Studies

At a Glance

Key Courses

  • 121 credit hours
  • 3 year option
  • Career-focused curriculum
  • Internships
  • Leadership development
  • Environmental Science and Policy
  • Cultural Diversity Education
  • Political Journalism
  • Diversity Psychology