Secondary Education – English Language Arts (BS)

Secondary Education – English Language Arts (6-12) Degree Overview

This degree is designed for preservice teachers who wish to teach the beauty and magic that is literature and poetry—future English Language Arts teachers coming away from this degree will have deepened knowledge of how to invoke a sense of creativity and whimsy in their students, and will be trained equally in the content area of English literature as well as the art and craft of teaching and instruction.  

Your content area courses are completely customizable in this degree pathway.  

Prepare for a Career In:

  • Middle School English Language Arts Teacher
  • High School English Teacher
  • Writing & Professional Editing Services
  • Peace Corps
  • Department of Defense School Teacher
  • Nonprofit
  • Alternative Education
  • Homeschooling
  • Tutoring

“Thomas has become my family. When I went home on break, I was counting down the days until I could come back! The education department is amazing, and the people here mean so much to me.”

Sam McIntyre ’22

At a Glance

Key Courses

  • 121 credit hours
  • 3 year option
  • 920+ hours of classroom experience upon graduation
  • Unique opportunity to customize history coursework you take
  • 99% job placement rate
  • Trauma-Informed Education and Social-Emotional Learning
  • Teaching Students with Exceptional Needs in the Regular Classroom
  • Secondary Methods of Teaching