Campus Life
A Big Welcome to the Class of 2026 Web Director | May 4, 2022

We heard from some students who are joining us this fall, and they told us why they chose Thomas College. Here are some of their answers.

It’s not too late to join us this fall!

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“I chose Thomas College because of the beautiful campus and welcoming community. The campus is so easy to get around! Thomas promises a future in your career path which was so reassuring. I can tell students there are happy and successful. I know Thomas was the perfect choice. I will leave Thomas with new goals and accomplishments in my career choice. So excited to start! Let’s go Terriers!”

-Emily Wilson

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“I chose to go to Thomas College this fall because the campus was so beautiful, and I felt so welcome by everyone there. Thomas seems to really care about the students and their futures, so I know I am going to get an excellent education and help with my future career. It was a no brainer the first time I visited the campus I just knew Thomas was the place for me. I’m excited to be there this fall!”

-Dana Smith
Washington Academy

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“I chose to go to Thomas because the community was amazing and the education aspect was excellent. Everyone was so friendly during my tour and I was happy at Thomas. I just clicked with Thomas. I’m looking forward to joining the community this fall!”

-Nick Weiss

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“I chose Thomas College because on tour I felt welcomed, but also the environment of everyone was very welcoming. Meeting the professors and other students definitely helped with my decision and see how happy you can be at a school setting. I was looking for a smaller setting and I found what I was looking for at Thomas, and I can’t wait to start my next four years in the fall.”

-Katelyn Parkhurst
Burrillville High School in Rhode Island

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“I’m coming to Thomas College because it is closer to my family and friends. I enjoyed the campus when I came and the people there. The environment felt like home and I just felt like I belonged there!! Everyone was so nice and I can’t wait to come this fall.”

-Kristen Douglass

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“I picked Thomas College because I loved the campus and the atmosphere! I am also excited to play basketball here and meet many new people. I am so excited to start school!”

-Mia Henderson
Houlton High School

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“I chose Thomas because when I toured there. I loved the campus. I was looking for a smaller campus and Thomas is exactly what I was looking for. They have the program I was looking for and everyone was so nice. I’m super excited to see everyone next year!”

-Lexi Gibson

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“I chose Thomas College because it felt like home when I stepped on campus for the first time. I can’t wait to see what I have come for the next four years. I’m really excited for the fall.”

-Natalie Charette
Washburn District High School