Alumni Profile – Cory Worcester ‘09 MacKenzie Riley Young | April 7, 2020

During these difficult times, one way we like to stay uplifted is to check in and catch up with our alumni. Today, we want to share what alumnus Cory Worcester ‘09 has been up to and how he is making the best of these changing times.

Cory Worcester

Cory graduated from Thomas with his degree in finance and launched into his career with Bangor Savings in 2011 as a Quality Control Specialist. Soon, he transitioned within his department to a Commercial and Business Loan Servicing Specialist and was promoted to team supervisor within a year. After holding that position for three years, Cory moved into the role of Loan Services where he was an assistant manager and helped to lead a large team. Cory’s hard work did not go unnoticed and after about a year, he was promoted to department manager, a position he held for nine years, only to be recently promoted to VP of Customer Experience Program Manager.

Cory’s role as VP of Customer Experience Program Manager is to support and lead a team of dedicated professionals who are responsible for providing the best customer service possible while further developing their culture.

“We are responsible for managing Bangor Savings Bank’s ‘Voice of Customer’ programs, the Bank’s financial literacy initiatives, as well as some vital and critical internal cultural programs and events.I love the opportunity in my new role to work with a variety of folks from all around the organization and to be able to further understand what our customers are looking for and what they expect.”

When asked how Cory is helping his organization through this difficult time he touched on the importance of constant communication with employees, customers and the community, as well as doing his part.

“Whether that is through community giving initiatives, loan modification programs, or enhanced online and remote support channels – we want our customers to know we are there for them, especially during this time of uncertainty. My role, just like everyone else at Bangor Savings Bank, is to continue to ensure we are providing world-class customer service and continue to be flexible and adaptable to the needs of our employees, customers and communities.”

While Cory shared how Bangor Savings was helping through this difficult time, he also notes that he has seen the Thomas community take advantage of social media channels to come together. “I think we can all find ways to creatively connect during this time,” shares Cory,  “whether that is a coffee connect – or happy hour – via video chat, or even perhaps a virtual networking event, I think that today’s technology can continue to be leveraged to help keep our Thomas community together.”

When Cory reflects on his career and the role the College played in helping him get to where he is, he shares how impressed he was by his instructors and how they were able to translate information from text, books, and curriculum into real world applications. He goes on to say, “I can think of at least dozen times just in the last couple years of my career where I’ve been involved in a project or meeting and had to utilize skills and knowledge I gained at Thomas.”

Wrapping up the conversation with Cory, we asked if he had anything he would like to share with upcoming graduates and soon to be new alumni during this difficult time. Cory ended his interview with this positive note:

While certainly not as broadly impacting as today’s crisis, I graduated in 2009 amid the financial crisis, so I can certainly understand students being anxious about finding jobs after graduation. I can’t even count how many applications I completed and resume copies I sent out back in 2009, but all it took was one of those to ‘stick’ and give me the opportunity to prove myself.So, my words of advice would just be to remain persistent in your job search and know that this crisis will end and that there will still be a demand for highly educated, and motivated, students coming out of schools like Thomas. Just know that your opportunity is coming and having the backing of a Thomas education and the Thomas alumni network are powerful tools!”