Alumni Spotlight: Jordyn Taylor ’17, MBA ’18 MacKenzie Riley Young | June 2, 2022

As a Thomas College student, Jordyn Taylor accelerated academically through her time here by taking advantage of both the undergraduate accelerated three-year program and the on-campus 1-year MBA program. She studied computer information systems and although wasn’t sure what she wanted to do long-term, Jordyn thrived in both challenging subjects of programming and project management.

After graduating with her MBA, she earned her certification as an Associate Project Manager (CAPM) and explored different areas in her field including technical support, consulting, and auditing. All three were not a great fit – but more recently, she found a job that she loves: working in process improvements as an Information Technology Specialist with the United States Environmental Protection Agency. “It’s just nice to finally land on something I enjoy doing. I lose track of time I’m so interested in what I’m doing. And that’s all I wanted for my career,” said Jordyn.

Jordyn is responsible for supporting the Office of Air and Radiation’s four program offices as a secondary Information Security Officer and Liaison Privacy Official, coordinating initiatives across offices; and helping manage privacy, security, software, and cloud adoption for the program’s applications.

“I believe my MBA in combination with the CAPM certification gave me the leverage to transition to the consulting industry which I feel was my foot in door moment that helped me get to where I am now,” said Jordyn.

Jordyn says her time at Thomas helped her build crucial skills that has been integral to her success in her career including writing, teamwork, and time management.

“In every role I’ve held, I use the three skills I’ve listed daily. I’m writing reports, emails, instructions, you name it. I’ve also always been on teams, ranging anywhere from four to twelve people. As for time management, between back-to-back meetings you need to be able to find time to complete the work you’re being assigned or taking on,” she said.

Overall, Jordyn is very proud of what she has experienced and accomplished less than five years after graduation from Thomas:

“Life is hard. We’re dealing with pandemics, a pending recession, student loan debt or debt in general, racism, sexism, etc. Dealing with that and still achieving things like becoming a CXO Fellow, moving to North Carolina, or building meaningful relationships, I believe shows that I’m resilient, adaptive, and incredibly mindful. There’s that possibility of checking out and letting negativity take over and I’m just proud to still be here participating in society, focusing on the positivity.”