Entering into the Field of Cybersecurity MacKenzie Riley Young | February 6, 2020
Danielle Welch

Danielle Welch ’14, M.S. ’20 has been working in physical security for the banking industry for a long time until this past June 2019, she transitioned into the IT field. Around the same time, she decided to enroll in the accelerated Master’s in Cybersecurity program at Thomas College. And although she was nervous about studying something new to her – she’s already seen the benefits.

“The work I do in school directly relates to my job, and several times I’ve been able to directly apply theories, best practices, and the skill set at work. That’s been incredibly valuable.”

Danielle works full-time as an Information Security Analyst in an IT department for Franklin Savings Bank.

“The Master’s in Cybersecurity degree is helping me gain the skills to perform at a managerial level in the area of cybersecurity. The technical level is important, and I’m still learning a lot at that level, but being able to translate the hands-on piece to recommendations to management will help me advance in a cybersecurity position–and has already helped me in that aspect at my job,” said Danielle.

She also says that the cybersecurity field is booming and experts in this field are in high demand so studying for her Master’s in Cybersecurity at Thomas College is important.

“It’s helping me build my credibility, reputation, and value through the industry and in my workplace.”

Working full-time, parenting and studying for an accelerated program is not easy, but Danielle makes it work.

“It’s a lot of juggling and intense time management, but I wouldn’t have taken this challenge on anywhere but Thomas College.”

Overall, Danielle is so happy she’s finally found her calling in life and she knows taking on this challenge was the right decision.

“My biggest fear before joining this program was if I would be able to handle it,” she said. “But now I am thriving at my job and in the Cybersecurity program, too. I am part way through the program and graduating the end of June. It’s totally possible for anyone to do and really paved the way with my career and advancement. I’ve had opportunities I’m not sure otherwise would’ve crossed my path.”