Finding Her Own Path MacKenzie Riley Young | May 15, 2020

Emily Reed ’21 recently completed her first year at Thomas College and she’s happy to have found a community here. She began her college journey at Thomas College through Early Start, a program for incoming students to get a head start before the school year begins.

“What I enjoyed most about the Early Start program is how close everyone got. This was a safe and open environment to be yourself and in doing so I was able to make some really amazing friends in a short amount of time. This was a great and fun way to start college,” she said.

Emily Reed, from New Gloucester, ME, is in the accelerated political science program.

Emily Reed

“Thomas College has supported my success by allowing me to find my own path and where I fit in this school,” she said. “They also provide a lot of support through professors being easy to reach and many other professionals throughout all the buildings always being willing to sit down and help you with whatever you need.”

And that support did not end when students transitioned to virtual learning during this past semester.

“In order to stay focused on my schoolwork I do a lot of the same things I was previously doing at college. Things such as setting aside time to complete my homework as well as working with friends to better our understanding on a concept. I also reach out to my professors when I’m struggling and they’re all being very helpful to allow students to maintain their focus and grades.”

When Emily is trying to relieve stress back on campus, she would take a walk with her friends – now at home, she takes walks with her dog.

She’s so happy to still have connections with her friends and professors on campus and excited to continue her journey at Thomas College this fall.