H. Allen Ryan School of Business

International Business (BS)

International Business Degree Overview

The world is increasingly more complex, connected, and competitive every day. Businesses of all kinds are required to consider the global implications of their work, and to develop plans for growing in their industries, including broadening their sales bases and centers of operation to countries all over the world. The Thomas College program in International Business will prepare you for leadership on this global scale.

The Harold Alfond® Institute for Business Innovation offers Thomas College students innovation challenges; workshops and seminars; memberships in Phi Beta Lambda, Society for Advancement of Management, and Entrepreneurial Club; and one-on-one student counseling and mentorship.

Prepare for a Career In:

  • International Sales and Marketing
  • Informational Technology and Software Development
  • Logistics
  • Nonprofit Management
  • International Banking and Finance

“Many of the professors at Thomas have extensive experience from the business world and were open for discussions and to give advice outside class and outside of the class subject.”

Rasmus Loso ’17, Executive Research Consultant, Agganico

At a Glance

Key Courses

  • 121 credit hours
  • 3 year option
  • Career-focused curriculum
  • Internships
  • Leadership development
  • Comparative Political Systems
  • Managing in the Global Environment
  • Current World Problems
  • Money, Banking, and Financial Markets
  • Global Marketing Management