Graduate & Professional Studies
Recent Graduate Spotlight: Tyler Regan ’18, M.S. ’21 MacKenzie Riley Young | July 7, 2022

Tyler Regan ’18, M.S. ’21 says that Thomas College was the right fit for him when he came here in 2014 for his undergraduate degree, and it was the right for him again in 2021.

Tyler, who works as a probation officer, said obtaining his Master’s in Criminology degree was possible while working full-time because of the online and flexible programming.

“Obtaining this degree, I feel helped me further my skills both in my current job and prepare me for future roles,” said Tyler. “I feel it made me a better Probation Officer in understanding the criminogenic factors of those who I interact with and being able to address the underlying issues to help reduce their likelihood of recidivism. The program also has more management style courses such as classes on policy and public administration which I feel helped prepare me for future management roles.”

Tyler said the online program offered a lot of interaction between professors and fellow students throughout which really enriched his experience. Plus, he was able to complete it has his pace.

“I was fortunate to be able to take two classes each module and finish my degree in one year however, Thomas also allows students to take one class at a time per module giving better flexibility for students to fit the program into their own lifestyle and best fit their needs,” he said.

Overall, Tyler feels very lucky to have found a graduate program that fit his needs and was so accommodating to the working professional like himself.