Counseling is a free service provided to full-time day students of Thomas College during the academic year.

Counseling is a confidential service. What you say in the counseling office may not be shared with others without your permission. The exceptions to this include if you were to disclose an intent to kill yourself or someone else or if you were to disclose child abuse or neglect.

Lots of people are unsure what to say at their first appointment. Your counselor will help to guide your conversation by asking questions.

Set Up An Appointment

Students with questions related to counseling services or who are interested in scheduling an appointment should email the counselor directly at:

Frequency of appointments will vary. You and your counselor will decide what is best for you. Many people meet with their counselor weekly or every other week.

Appointment Length

An appointment typically lasts about 50 minutes, though some students prefer a shorter conversation. 30 minute appointments are readily available should you prefer a shorter meeting.

A first appointment is typically offered within one week of the referral. Sometimes same day appointments are possible.

What Kinds of Things to Talk About

People talk with a counselor about a wide variety of topics ranging from a single stressful situation or struggles with sleep to chronic mental health concerns. You need not wait for your struggle to get “really bad” to meet with a counselor. The sooner you ask for help, the sooner you are able to get yourself back on track.