Terrier STAR: Cameron Creamer MacKenzie Riley Young | January 4, 2021
cameron creamer

Cameron Creamer ’15, MBA ’16 is known for his dedication to the Thomas community and creative problem solving as the Senior Assistant Athletic Director of Communications.

Cameron, a two-and-a-half-year employee of the College, is being recognized for his exceptional customer service, being a team player, providing a personal experience, completion of a project, and improving systems/processes. 

“You can tell Cameron is both a Thomas College alumnus and employee – he’s determined, hardworking and cares about the success of his community. He is easy to work with, gets things done, and has great ideas. Cam makes Thomas College a better place,” said a colleague.

This spring, when everyone had to pivot, Cameron did not let the disappointment of the situation bring him down. He worked tirelessly, often by himself, to create tributes to all senior athletes and all athletes in general.

“Cam is constantly looking for opportunities to promote Thomas College through Thomas College Athletics,” said a senior colleague. “He focuses on providing student-athletes the best student-athlete experience while sharing personal stories and statistics within our community and within the student-athletes’ home communities.”

Cam is also a collaborative, team player:

“He works within the athletic department to identify and meet the needs of the student-athletes while also working across the institution to help promote the Thomas College brand. A couple of recent examples are first, Cam’s commitment to working with the Marketing and Communications team to tell the Thomas College and Thomas College athletic story in a consistent, brand friendly manner. The new athletic website is a perfect example. Another example would be Cam’s willingness to step up as key member of the Get Out And Live (GOAL) project team to be the author of the plan itself.”

Congrats, Cameron!