Terrier STAR: Judi Veilleux MacKenzie Riley Young | April 1, 2020
judi veilleux

In these trying times, we are so grateful to have a Thomas College family as we do. We give each other strength and light during this time. One of those shining stars who never fails to make you laugh is Judi Veilleux. Judi is this month’s Terrier STAR. She’s being recognized for her exceptional customer service, being a team player, and improving system/processes.  

Judi, a 3 ½ -year employee of the College, is a Student Financial Services counselor. She helps students on a one-to-one basis as they navigate the financial component of attending college.

“Judi takes a true concern and interest in our students and their lives. Her office is full of family photos that parents send to her, cards from students, and you can often find a student in her office just needing to talk to someone or share something exciting in their lives,” says a colleague.

Judi is not only there for students and families but also for her fellow colleagues. She’s a team player who is always looking to improve systems that assist herself and her co-workers in everyday work.

“Judi goes above and beyond in this office whether it is simply assisting in folding and stuffing envelopes, being a listening ear, or working on a large project together. She comes into the office on the weekends just to print bills so she doesn’t interrupt professors’ workflow,” said a coworker. “She is kind and considerate of her workers’ needs and current tasks.”

Judi brings excitement and warmth to everyone around her; she’s a joy to be with and is a wonderful addition to the Thomas College community.