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Thomas College Expands Extra-Curricular Athletic Offerings, Enriching Student Experience MacKenzie Riley Young | May 16, 2024

WATERVILLE, MAINE, May 2024 — Thomas College is expanding its extra-curricular athletic offerings, adding six new programs in the 2025-2026 season. The new athletic programs will enhance the student experience and meet increasingly diverse student extra-curricular interests while furthering the College’s commitment to its mission.

“Thomas College is already seeing high engagement at the NCAA level,” said Thomas College VP of Athletics Chris Parsons. “These new teams allow students to compete outside of the NCAA framework and still be able to engage in experiences outside of the classroom that enriches their experience here.”

Thomas College will offer new programs in women’s ice hockey (ACHA), women’s rugby (NIRA-NCAA emerging), men’s rugby (NCR), baseball (NECBA), men’s basketball (NCBBA), and women’s basketball (NCBBA).

With these additions, Thomas College now offers a total of 28 athletic programs.

A Commitment to Educating the Total Student

The College’s investment in the expansion of extra-curricular athletic offerings aligns with Thomas College’s mission to prepare students for success in their personal and professional lives and service in their communities.

“We are thrilled to offer new ways for our students to meaningfully engage in our campus community,” said Thomas College Provost Dr. Thomas Edwards. “These new extra-curricular programs will provide our students more options to participate at varied levels of time commitment, help them develop valuable teamwork, time management and leadership skills critical to their future success, and create lasting friendships with their teammates.”

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