Professional & Career Development
Young alum duo: Dean Jackman ’20 and Lucas Jordan ’23 Web Director | January 2, 2024

Lucas Jordan ’23 and Dean Jackman ‘20 have been making waves in the financial industry through our FIRE AND ICE program and in partnership with friend of the college, David Farago of Fourteen Forty Financial.

Dean Jackman ‘20 is currently the Office Administrator for Fourteen Forty Financial, a franchise of Ameriprise Financial Services. His role involves being the first point of contact for clients, handling customer support, managing schedules, budget preparation, event planning, and more. Dean is also in the process of becoming a licensed financial advisor. Dean credits Thomas College for providing real-world experiences and hands-on learning in his classes. The networking opportunities and support from faculty and staff were instrumental in building his confidence and time management skills, essential for his current role. Jackman advises students to have a specific career goal within their field and encourages experimentation through internships. He emphasizes taking risks, putting oneself out there, and embracing opportunities for growth.

Lucas Jordan ‘23 is interning with Fourteen Forty Financial, where he sits in on client meetings, assists in constructing financial plans, and attends community events. He has recently obtained his Maine Life Health and Auto insurance license and is working towards his SIE to become a licensed financial advisor by using the FIRE & ICE program at Thomas college. Lucas highlights the valuable experience gained from his internship with Fourteen Forty Financial, where he’s had the opportunity to meet numerous people and build his network.

Thomas College played a crucial role in accelerating Dean’s degree, providing flexibility to add a second degree, and fostering professionalism through various on-campus roles and programs. Lucas credits Thomas for introducing him to industry professionals, helping him gain exposure, and significantly reducing the cost of his internship through the Harold Alfond® for Business and Entrepreneurship (HAIBI) grant and acknowledges the support from faculty members like Mike Duguay and Amanda Wrigley in navigating internship opportunities. The FIRE & ICE program, coupled with the mentorship of Dean and David, has been instrumental in shaping his career path.

Lucas Both Dean and Lucas are passionate about helping others achieve their goals, whether they are financial or life related. Their commitment to leaving a positive impact on families and communities shines through their work. Their stories inspire us and showcase the incredible opportunities that Thomas College provides for its students.