Other Aid

Thomas College’s investment in you doesn’t stop at our funding, we also invest in your financial knowledge. You should feel prepared when it comes to making the right decisions to invest in yourself. Finding funding beyond that offered in your financial aid award is not always easy. Let us help you make the first step in that journey.

Outside Scholarships

Thomas College believes you should take great pride in receiving a scholarship from an outside donor. You put hard work and effort into receiving these funds. Outside scholarships will be stacked upon aid already offered and/or reduce your loan burden.

Tuition benefit contributions from employers may have different policies. Please contact Student Financial Services or see our College Catalog.

Here are just a few great places to find outside scholarships:

Federal Work Study

Thomas College offers Federal Work-Study to those students who may qualify. We have over 100 different positions for students to chose from! Work-Study is a great way to earn money for college expenses while still being able to focus on academics and enjoy a well-rounded college life. Students at Thomas earn $1,200 or more a term through work-study. Don’t see work-study offered on your financial aid award? Don’t worry, you still might qualify, and our Student Financial Services office would love to talk to you about this great program. Email us today!

Other Assistance

Thomas College assists a diverse population of students with financial needs. Some of our students benefit from state assistance, veterans’ benefits, or vocational rehabilitation programs. We are happy to complete any documents you may need to complete this process with the organization you may be working with.


The listed alternative loan lenders are available options depending on financial need. Thomas College accepts all alternative loans and encourages borrowers to do research on their own, as the borrower may be able to find lenders offering better benefits or interest rates.

Lenders shown were chosen based on previous history with Thomas College including customer service provided to the college and its students, competitive interest rates, additional borrower benefits, and ease of application.

Income Share Agreements

An Income Share Agreement, or ISA, can provide an alternative funding option to supplement students’ financial aid package, federal loans, and traditional fixed payment installment private loan options. ISAs provide funding for certified tuition and fees in exchange for a student’s promise to pay a fixed percentage of his or her future income for a fixed number of months following graduation.

Stride Funding currently provides ISA funding options to eligible students at Thomas College. To qualify, students must be a U.S. Citizen or Permanent Resident pursuing a bachelor’s or master’s degree, within 2 years of graduation, enrolled at least half-time (6 credits), maintaining a 2.9+ GPA while making Satisfactory Academic Progress. Stride Funding ISAs do not require a cosigner, nor do they have a current earnings requirement. All students who enter into a Stride ISA will automatically become a member of the Stride community, offering access to career tools and resources, along with a broader community of peers who can provide support for a student’s professional journey. Students interested in learning more and getting a quote, can visit Stride’s website.